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Paul Harper's Agenda to keep the
Glen Rose Medical Center OPEN!


1.Reduce the property tax - The hospital should be able to run within its means, not on the back of the taxpayers. Taxing the citizens is not the route we should be taking, we should be following Hood County's lead and enter into an agreement with a 3rd party. Hood County has a hospital district but charges no hospital district tax.

2. Hand over operations in Hood County - Pecan Plantation in Hood County is a private exclusive gated community yet we are funding their healthcare facilities while Somervell County residents are not allowed to even see the building, let alone use the facilities. We are a non-profit who should not be trying to compete with a for-profit corporation that operates in four states (CHS).

3. Close the 501a - We need to employ doctors directly who are accountable to the District. The 501a has been tried and it has not worked out and continues to lose funds by almost every single doctors practice, this is not benefiting the District but only the doctors.

4. Bring in hospital administration experts - the people running the hospital now got there by who they know, not what they know. It's time for some experts in hospital administration to be brought in to run things the way they are supposed to be run.

5. Shrink local hospital operations - Our tax dollars are shrinking and we need to shrink our operations to match. We need to move to an emergency room only model that we can afford instead of trying to provide everything and not being able to afford it.